Sunday, September 14, 2008

Welcome to the First Step

Why is it I feel I am always taking just "the first step"?

Theoretically, after the first step (toward anything, anyplace) would come a second step, & a third, & a fourth... all leading closer to something, someplace. But--lately, at least--I feel all my steps have been "firsts," starting the journey(s) over & over & over again.

So, perhaps if I'm being really honest, I should say welcome to my current first step. And thanks for walking with me--whoever you (or You) are. I wish I could give you (or myself) a clue as to where steps two, three, four, & onward might be headed... but what I'm slowly learning is that my job is always to take only the next, single, faithful step, & let the path come clear one footfall at a time. So the best I can do for now is to call out the signposts that are already in sight:

*a commitment to wellness & the practice of physical health (weight loss, working out, taking back control, trying to connect physical & emotional wellness)

*a commitment to learning & the practice of creativity (online digi photography class begins in the morning!, & an art journaling class to come later in the fall...)

*a commitment to the Spirit & the practice of prayer (beginning with an old friend-book, Joyce Rupp's "The Cup of Our Life")

*a commitment to words & the practice of writing (with a full bookshelf for "input" & this cyber-journal for "output")

Frankly, I'm uncertain how I feel about blogging--this strange putting-something-new-into-the-universe thing, that is at once terribly personal & oddly anonymous. The tiny journalist who lives in my head still believes in PRINT on PAPER... & so I feel a sort of expectation that what will be sent out into cyberland through this particular bit of plastic & electricity at my fingertips should be worth it... worth taking up screen space, worth the time it takes to read, even worth the bytes & binary it requires to exist at all. I hope it is. At the very least, I hope maybe I'll finally begin to learn to be satisfied with (and in) the process, & let the product simply be what it is.

That itself would be quite a remarkable first step.

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Jean said...

Do you realize that you've been blogging for almost 6 months now?! WOW! (And I see that you're still several blog posts ahead of me...hmmmm...)
See you real soon!