Saturday, October 18, 2008

Control Freakin'

I've learned (no, more like remembered) something about myself: I'm a bit of a control freak. I can't decide if my need to be in control is a good, healthy thing or a sick, stress-inducing thing. (I'm hoping for the first!) Honestly I think it's somewhere in the middle. At a time like this, in this specific phase of my life, the need/desire to take some control feels like a helpful, stress-managing way to function. I'm doing it slowly... working on individual pieces of life (money, home, diet) a bit at a time and trying to do it "right," creating and setting up systems that make sense for me. I have a long way to go, but I notice that even as I'm working toward control, I am at the same time feeling more productive.

One resource I'm using is the Life.doc binder from Get Buttoned Up. I'm just wishing it included budgeting/spending record worksheets, but I think I can invent (or find online) some spreadsheets of my own. (Any suggestions or links, anyone?) Otherwise I love that it has spots for all the important info, and I love the website--plan to spend an entire evening soon exploring all the tips they share.

The goals and intentions that I set out here a couple of weeks ago have been more challenging than I expected to get going on. I'm really trying to give myself a break--this is only week two, after all, and week one was spent more or less in a state of powering-down. But I have such a long way to go; I feel anxious to be moving in a positive direction. Hoping that taking back control will help me to move on these.

Some updates: My online photography class will be wrapping up after this coming week. It was $100 well spent; I am definitely getting more out of my camera (or at least, understanding better what I am getting!)! Monday begins my art journaling class. I'm really excited for this one; as much as I enjoy scrapbooking, it has never turned into an "art" thing for me, so I'm hoping art journaling will help me morph my creative writing with some visual expression. I'm also planning to sign up for the free Stories in Hand class on Jessica Sprague's site. After that Shimelle's awesome Christmas journal class will begin....... wow...... do you think I like online classes much?!? *sheesh* :)

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