Saturday, November 22, 2008

Craft Fair-ed

After first planning lots of stuff to make... and then almost not doing it at all... in the past week I pulled out the stops and made ten 4x6 journals, seven 4x4 journals, and seven 4x3 album ornaments to sell at the annual craft fair at church. Thank goodness for a crafty friend willing to share her table!! (Yay us, Jean!!) Between us we had a lovely display of things that were just so "US." I made a grand total of $28... not taking into account what I spent on the supplies (and what I spent at the fair! lol) but I was glad to use up lots of my stash, and glad to spend the day chatting and laughing and enjoying a fun start to the season. AND... now that this day is done and my craft fair "to dos" checked off, I can get on with other projects that have been on the back burner! Many, many scrapbook layouts are in waiting!

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