Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking Flight Part 2

I guess writing about Taking Flight earlier today got me motivated to work some more on my "growth" piece; it had been sitting on the table, looking at me (and me looking at it) since early last week... both of us, I think, wondering what was going to become of it! I was a little afraid to paint over it (and, it turns out, justifiably afraid!) and didn't have an idea of what else might become part of the piece.

But I decided today I had to do something; I couldn't just let it sit there forever. So I got out acrylic paints, brayer, gesso, and a variety of pencils (graphite, charcoal, china) and the piece turned into this:

Lessons learned:

1) I need brayer practice. Too many colors + too much rolling = mud.
2) Damp paper towels are our friend. (See #1.)
3) My brushes stink royally.
4) Sometimes wings just turn into leaves. (We are growing, after all.)
5) It's okay to work slowly and let things develop; I can't always know what something is supposed to be... until it becomes that.

"Growth is the only evidence of life."--John Henry Newman, 1864


Jean said...

I sooooo love it!! Like mine, it is completely different from where it started, but I really like the change!

I noticed for both of ours, how the "face" grew into the focal point of the piece. And it's so cool how the collage pieces underneath "peek out" from the darker paints. I also love the body that goes with your clock face.

And the letters...G R O W....So Cool! I can't wait to see them up close! (My letters are still in process, but they'll be saying F L Y!)

We are so on an art roll!!Hooray us! LOL!

Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

I concur - hooray for you two. I reached your blog from Jean's and I am following you for sure. What a wonderful idea you had to work through "Taking Flight" with Jean. You both are brilliant. And I love the clock.

Did you do "grow" on fabric like the book suggests or is it paper? I have been keeping an eye out for clear gesso and haven't seen it. Paper would be a totally suitable alternative that I didn't even consider until I came here. (I will use anything to not start a project...) :)

I so can't wait to see more of your real art. And it is REAL ART!

Oh I get so excited when I find a cool new blog to read. Can you tell... heehee...