Monday, April 6, 2009

Goals and Plans... for now

I've been rethinking (aka getting a reality check on) the big plans I wrote about in my last post. I've decided to postpone doing "The Portfolio Project"--12 weeks of writing every day--because I think it's more than I can handle, above and beyond a couple other "to dos" that are more pressing.

One is this:

Which can be found here: I Thought It Was Just Me read-along, and which I am very much looking forward to.
The other is this: Walk at Home website. I absolutely must get back on track with exercise. Not only for the weight-loss/clothes-fitting reasons, but because I am getting older (!!) and lately have been noticing more aches and groans (ouchie knees!), and I just hate to think of that starting already!
At this point I'm feeling like these two are the non-negotiables. Mental health and physical health. I can't afford to start (or continue) "breaking down," either mentally or physically--so I need to address both of these right now. Along with the little bits of reading I do every day and the little bits of art I do every week, I'm hopeful that these practices will get me moving in the right direction. And The Portfolio Project will make more sense to take on when I am feeling more nourished, more ready to respond to the input I am getting.

Somehow narrowing my field of vision to just these two feels good and manageable (I can think about them without already feeling tired). And that's a very good place to start.


Jean said...

You are so wise for your young age! Your two very worthwhile and very realistic goals sound just right! (And I'm so glad you're not giving up the Kelly Rae project :)

(Just a couple more weeks, and I could start taking you along for walks on the Sunflower trails!!)

Hazel said...

Good for you - such a wise plan x