Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Jean and I have finished the fourth (out of seven) projects from Taking Flight--it is actually a little hard to believe we are more than halfway done.

This particular project is one I can imagine creating again and again--making a frame out of an old book. I didn't use a photograph in it this time, but I'm thinking a book frame could make a very cool gift! (Family--forget that you just read that! lol) The theme of the chapter was "making the ordinary sacred"; experimenting with Jean's Neocolor II watersoluble crayons, I drew a bird's nest... for me, a very appropriate image of what my ordinary/sacred life is all about: HOME. Adding the word "nest" (with a button period, to make it an imperative!) is a reminder to myself to make a nest everywhere--anywhere that we go. And, though I wasn't too sure about the whole wings thing, I do like them and think they're quite appropriate... as, from the nest(s) I build, my two little hatchlings will find their wings.

Thanks, Jean, for my momma bird!!!!! I think she is just right, perched up there, looking over her eggs. Love her.

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Jean said...

Awwww....the little bird looks so peaceful perched up there on your book (probably because those two eggs haven't hatched yet - LOL!)

I can't believe that we've finished 4 of the 7 projects already! We rock, girlfriend!
(Kelly Rae would be so proud of us!)