Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coming Soon: Summer.

Yes, this blog is still active (even if I haven't been so active ON it). And yes, I do have every intention of starting to post again.

Starting Monday. (Putting it in writing and sending it out into the universe=commitment, right?)

Summer hasn't quite started yet in our house (one more week of preschool--boo hoo!), but it is coming soon and I am not ready. Not ready to entertain the troops all day every day to keep them from watching tv from wakeup to goodnight. Not ready to set myself up for good health so I can FINALLY (!!!) stop saying "I need to lose weight." (Can I just say, after 15 years or so of being up and down and mostly up on the scale, the idea that I might someday NOT have to worry about it seems like a dream. It's hard to believe that is even a possibility.) And I am not ready to put some serious fingers-to-keyboard effort into the self-assigned project I've cooked up--what will be, hopefully, in a year or so, a finished manuscript with which I can celebrate 10 years of ordination.

I declare this weekend my planning weekend. I'm going to choose an exercise bike. I'm going to choose a healthy eating program and organize my recipes and meal planning. I'm going to consider our summer calendar and begin planning activities.

And here on the blog, I'm going to sketch out a reading/writing plan for Genesis and Exodus... the stories of a people on the road.

So it all starts Monday. This is it. I'm ready. (I think.)

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