Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent, Day 4: Before the flood

Today's reading: Matthew 24:36-44

these are the days
before the flood

(we know rain is coming,
keep testing the air for moisture,
watch the barometer readings,
feel our joints stiffening
in warning of the changing

we hold our weddings
while clouds darken the horizon

we toil in the fields of our work,
keep our houses,
plan our menus, feed our families,
put our children to bed, and
close our eyes to sleep ourselves
while thunder rumbles

but despite our best efforts,
our wisest meteorologists and
our so-called prophets
the storm will surely
catch us unawares

for no one knows the hour
it will unleash its drenching power

and no one knows the day
when we will be swept away

these are the days
so let us now make ready
(how can we make ready?)
every day
we live
before the flood

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