Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coming soon to The Ordinary Times...

Just a quick note to remind you all (and myself!) that Advent is starting SOON, and yes, Virginia, I do plan to blog daily Advent devotions on The Ordinary Times blog. Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 27 for the first post; and add The Ordinary Times to your bookmarks or blog reader (or subscribe to receive posts via email).

I haven't decided for sure yet where I'll be taking scripture readings from, but as always I will post links to the scriptures with each daily post.

Thanks in advance for joining me this year! I can't believe it's almost here... but I'm excited to begin the journey once again!


PS Yes, I know I totally and completely bailed on my big plans for "call" themed reflections over the past few months. Please trust that my Advent discipline is much more committed! ;) :)

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Lorell said...

Hey Nikki, just saw the link to your blog on the JYC site. Looks interesting and I'll be checking out your devotionals from time to time. Nice looking blog, too!