Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent, Day 7: On Hope.

is a leaning into the future:
may the days ahead be
       something they have not yet been
may we grow to become
       someone we can't even imagine
may God work in ways
       we have never before seen

in Hope
we hold out the broken pieces
of our relationships
our nations
our hearts
and trust in One Who Makes Whole

with Hope
we lift up those who cannot stand for themselves,
bringing them before One
Who Makes the Lame Walk
(and Run, and Dance)
with Hope
we set down the heavy loads we
can no longer carry,
resting in One Who
Bears All Things

full of Hope
we wait
when the world seems upside-down
and believe
in One Who Makes Right
we wait
when our moments are stretched to capacity
and believe
in One Who is Beyond Time
we wait
when our fatigue and our fear ensnare us
and believe
in One Who Restores and Sets Free

for this Hope
is our future:
Hope in One Who Will Come
(and Has Come, and Does Come)
and this Hope
is our faith

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