Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent, Day 8: Cry out!

Today's reading: Isaiah 40:1-8

A voice said, "Cry out!" And I said, "What shall I cry?" (v. 6)

There are messengers traipsing
the streets;
their voices echo
across the canyons of the skyscrapers,
in the corridors of shopping malls,
down the endless expanse of asphalt:

"Go to the wilderness and
prepare His way!"
Their summons so often unheard
(let's just say it:
as if we're children
with our fingers in our ears
bellowing back:
"I can't hear you!");
they call us
into the lonely deserts
to smooth the rugged dunes,
to even out steep mountain passes,
to raise up the dark valleys.

A Voice commands:
You, too, cry out!

But what shall I cry,
to a world that chooses not to hear?
What shall I cry,
to a world where only soundbytes get airtime
(and only for their moment)?
A world where only
wireless signals are received?

What shall I cry
on behalf of those who need to hear
but have never known another messenger?
What shall I cry
on behalf of those whose voices
have been silenced?

What shall I cry but:

What shall I cry but:

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