Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Prayer of Thanksgiving at the New Year

God of endings and beginnings,
we know that today, like all days,
marks yet another rotation of your earth--
and that, like all days, it will contain light and dark,
waking and sleeping, work and play.
At the same time, though, we feel this day, this turn of the calendar page,
to be a new start, a fresh breath, a time to reflect.
As we think back on the past year,
give us hearts of gratitude:
not only for the joys,
but also--especially--
for the struggles.
We know You have been with us in every step,
even when we have faltered,
when we have been faint,
when we have lost the way,
when our eyes were so full of tears we simply could not see.
Thank You for your faithfulness and Your steadfast love
in all the days of our lives.
We know that this new year, like all years,
marks yet another revolution of your earth around the sun--
and that, like all years, it will contain light and dark,
chill and warmth, taking up and letting go.
As we look forward to this new year,
open our hearts to share Your joy,
and strengthen us for the steps ahead.
Where we will have struggles, give us Your peace,
and enable us to speak peace when the world around us battles.
Where we will have loss, give us Your comfort,
and enable us to share the tears when those around us weep.
Where we will stumble, give us the steadying assurance of Your everlasting arm,
and enable us to support the companions around us as we journey together.
Thank You for your faithfulness and Your steadfast love
in all the years of our lives.
God of endings and beginnings,
we are grateful for all the ways You make things new:
a new day, a new year, a new creation.
By Your grace, in this day and in this year,
journey with us. Guide us. Show us the way
to walk with You
in newness of life.


theelfqueen said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Dubs said...

Shared this with my friends... it's beautiful!