Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prayers for a Whole Life : Ash Wednesday

where there are no words,
our suffering breaks through
in great gasps

fill us, O Lord,
with your breath

there can be no eloquent expression of our emptiness.
before you we are dust
(dust, though, that you alone can shape into being,
can breathe into beloved, abundant life)
we are ash
(that you alone can stir into sparks,
can blow again into burning flame)

fill us, O Lord,
with your breath

we bring our broken pieces before you,
hoping that you see in us something more than parts,
something redeemable in the rubbish.
we are torn by our griefs,
smudged with the stains of sin,
hungry for a word from your lips

fill us, O Lord,

fill in our broken gaps,
fill up our starving spirits,
fill our mouths with your Word,
and our hearts with your Love.

fill us, O Lord,
with your inspiring Breath

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