Sunday, February 26, 2012

Prayers for a Whole Life : Day 5

prayer for the family
(and for the church)

grant us big hearts, O God,
with plenty of room
for each others' mistakes,
misbehaviors, forgetfulness,
bad tempers, cold shoulders,
mood swings.

grant us hearts like yours, O God:
big enough to forgive

grant us wide arms, O God,
with plenty of reach
to stretch for the hardest tasks,
to carry the heaviest loads,
to hug a whole lapful.
and grant us, too,
helping hands,
clapping hands,
holding hands

grant us arms like yours, O God:
wide enough for every embrace


grant us loving words, O God:
with plenty of grace
when our tongues
are inclined to be sharp.
grant us good words,
enough to overwhelm
the hurts we daily speak.
grant us caring words
even when we would just as soon
keep silent.

grant us Words like yours, O God:
loving enough to give to the world

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