Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prayers for a Whole Life : Day 12

a prayer for wellness

every small choice
is a step in your direction,
for you, God, are
the Healer,
and you are Health.
I dare not separate
body from spirit;
both are broken,
both cry out for
your Wholeness,
your Restoration.

strengthen me to choose well.
strengthen me to choose wellness.

every small choice
seems a difficult one--
so often the case, it seems,
in a life of faith.
the other way looks easy,
the path smooth,
and there's plenty of company
(and they seem to be enjoying the trip!).

so surround me with support for the rocky path.
surround me with companions to share the road.

I want to make
every small choice
an obedience.

I pray you'll make
every small choice
a blessing.

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