Sunday, March 11, 2012

Prayers for a Whole Life : Day 19

a prayer for this Sunday

you wake us
to the sounds of your world
rising up once again
(the day of Resurrection being
always heralded
by bird and cricket
and sunrise)

you welcome us
into worship

you receive our praise

you carry us
everywhere we go
every road
every sidewalk
every bikeride and every
run, skip, jump

you play
music through our fingers,
create anew
when we paint, draw, sculpt,
commune with us
over coffee with a friend

you gather us
as dark falls,
nourishing us with food
and with each other
when we come to the table

you calm our heads and hearts
in the silent night
even as we dream
you wrap us
in your love

thank you
for this day

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