Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prayers for a Whole Life : Day 29

a prayer for understanding grace

I know I never will, God.
but I'd like to try,
I want to try again and again,
as long as it takes,
to understand your grace toward us.

open my eyes to glimpses;
help me to see grace sparkling
where I never thought to look.

teach me
that your grace isn't for me alone--
and not even for each one of us on our own--
but for all your children,
(teach me again and again,
as long as it takes,
that I cannot stand by myself.)

forgive my individualist attitude;
I'm starting to think it
prevents me from seeing grace,
from feeling grace
and certainly from sharing grace

give me a heart
for the sharing,
eyes to look outside myself,
ears to hear other peoples' stories, and
feet to make this journey by their side.

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