Friday, March 30, 2012

Prayers for a Whole Life : Day 38

a prayer amidst the clutter

this is our life, Lord:

Legos scattered everywhere,
broken crayons,
layers of sweatshirts shed as the temperature climbed,
empty snack cups,
stuffed friends,
half-completed crafts,
gifts to mail,
recipe notes and
workout gear.

let me see it, and be thankful:

for joyful play.
for the whole prism of colors.
for your provision of ample clothing
and food.
for comfort and companionship.
for creativity and usefulness.
for family and friends.
for trying new things,
for becoming well.

(help us, though,
not be swept under
by the odds and ends
of life.
help us to let go
of what we do not use
or enjoy.
help us to take care
of the things
you've given.
help us to manage the
so we have space
to breathe,
to grow,

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