Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Prayers for a Whole Life : Day 43

a storyteller's prayer

God of beginnings
and endings,
let me tell your wondrous story well.

From the "once upon a time"
to the "happily ever after"
that is to come,
let me
bring to life
your cast of characters
(and your own Character),
your plotline with its twists and turns
(and its surprise endings)
your heros and villains
(and all your regular folk too).

Let me
grasp the imaginations
of all who would listen.
Let me
show them how our stories
are part of your story,
never separate from you.
Let me
show them how the narrative
embraces us all,
how we may
choose our own adventures
even when we have always been
indelibly printed
in your Book.

Let us all hear your story anew,
from every bard you've called to speak it,
sing it, write it, rhyme it, paint it,
sculpt it, preach it.
Give us ears to hear
and eyes to see.

And give us voices to speak.
Make narrators of us all,
tellers of your wonder
and of your love.

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