Friday, April 27, 2012

Projects I've Been Meaning to Do...

Surely I'm not the only crafter out there who tends to have one or two (or, say, eight) "projects in waiting" sitting around? This week I actually completed a couple of things--which has also enabled me, at long last, to clean up the spaces in my home that had become temporary homes for the supplies I bought in good faith that I would eventually get around to making these!

First, using a 5.5"-square shadowbox frame from Ikea... which we bought in California... which we moved away from a year ago:

using Great Escape: Chicago by WM[squared] Designs

And second, it's Fiesta season here in South Texas and I'd planned all April to make a giant, crazy Fiesta wreath. And I bought a bunch of stuff to make one with. And it has been sitting on my dining room table. And... Fiesta comes to an end this weekend... so it's a bit late to start making a wreath. But I was inspired by THIS and I ended up with this:

(My box of umbrellas had an oddly abundant amount of orange and green! I will probably be shopping for a smaller package of reds and blues to add on!) It's not a wild Fiesta wreath, but it's fun and summery and reminds me of my favorite movie, so I'm calling it my "Be Somebody" wreath!

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