Friday, August 22, 2014

From Pinning to Making: DIY Handlebar Bag

I could spend all day pinning DIY ideas on Pinterest. Daydreaming about all things I could do can become a hobby in and of itself! Every once in awhile, though, I am glad I took the time to pin... when I realize there's a project I could actually use, AND I have the supplies on hand, AND I have time to sit down and make it happen. Yesterday was one of those days; it was the first day both of my kids were in school all day, and I was in a clear and present danger of piddling the entire day away between Facebook and Ravelry and Pinterest and on and on. I finally thought, "I should go for a bike ride!" but remembered that I don't have a good way to carry keys/garage door opener/phone. Pinterest to the rescue!

I found this tutorial for a handlebar bag. I have a small stash of oilcloth (thanks to a bargain bin in a shop in Fredericksburg, Texas; now I wish I'd stocked up more!). I have a sewing machine and somewhat rudimentary skills, and I have a tub of random buttons and a Ziplock bag of random ribbons. I put them all together, and this was the result:

I took some liberties with the instructions, and I fudged here and there due to the lack of convenient craft-supply stores in our area. Definitely some of these moments:

I made the bag longer than the instructions indicated (and would have been happy if it were even longer and wider, but for my needs it will do). I had to use ribbon for the edging, which gives a bohemian look I like, but was fussy and uneven to work with. With no little girls in our house I didn't have cute colored hair elastics to loop the two buttons together... but we do have a significant collection of rainbow loom bands, including pink ones that never see the light of day. And it could be a long while before I have a chance to shop for hook-and-loop tape, but we had a bundle of mismatched Velcro electrical cord ties that were the perfect width and length to attach the bag to the bike.

My next project will a phone sleeve so I can toss both my phone and my keys into this bag together!

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