Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lent, Day 1: Announce

Some people, during Lent, give up something---a habit, a crutch, a delight, a dependency. I've found, for myself, that this kind of fasting can help me recognize my mindless habits or my unintentional excesses. Some people, during Lent, add a daily practice---a reading, a prayer, an act of service or reflection. This year, after I finally quit talking back to the "still, small voice," I accepted my fast for the next six weeks. Shortly after that determination, I came across a daily practice for the season.

For the days of Lent, I'll be Instagramming a photo a day, following the guide at All the info is here:

I'm going to expand the project for myself, adding a very brief original poem-a-day to each photo, and posting them here. And although you won't see me chatting/liking/sparring on Facebook during this season, I'll have these blog-posted pics and poems set up to share there.

Yesterday I saw a Lent-discipline-related question that continues to percolate in my mind: What is God calling me to do? Whatever you (we) are doing--or not doing--during this Lent, may it clear the way for you (us) to hear the call, and to see the way to follow.


This is the day to begin:
wake up, choose your tools,
prepare for the way to feel long
(longer than you remember).
Announce your intention,
follow your pattern. Or:
But let the shape of days
of steps of stitches
lead you home.


Dawn Farias said...

So....what is the fast you accepted?

Nikki F-B said...

Dawn, I gave up Facebook. It felt weird today... I'll be interested to see, by Easter, whether I actually LIKE life without it!! :)

Dawn Farias said...

Oh I see! LOL. I didn't connect the dots between the statement about not being on Facebook and accepting your Lenten fast. Now I get it. And I think you'll love it!