Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My J.C. Year, and Learning Something New

Conveniently timed to (almost) coordinate with my 35th birthday (my self-proclaimed J.C.--that is, Julia Child--year; she was 35 when she first moved to France, didn't know the language or how to cook, and began to discover the passions that would shape her career and the t.v./cooking world!) and also inconveniently but appropriately timed to coordinate with our family's move from Illiois via Texas to California....... Shimelle has begun her yearly Learn Something New class. (Apologies for that truly awful sentence structure!)

While perhaps the first thing I need to learn this month is to revive my journalism training (or hire an editor), these are my "somethings new" learned in the first couple days of September. (Plan: to collect this month's learnings into a mini-book... but for now, just need to get them in writing.)

Tuesday, Sept 1: Today I learned that I need to join a book club... that my home decorating style is much more traditional than I feel I am (and that I want to change that!)... that the freedom to put tears and anger and fear out into the world can help me to breathe...

Wednesday, Sept 2: Today I learned that forgiveness is a practice (a discipline, even)... that communication can fail, even when you think you've "got it"... that some big deals really are big, and that sometimes big deals can be let go (even if it hurts)...

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Jean said...

Welcome back to bloglandia! You've been missed! I LOVE your idea for September learnings. High on my list is "learning to use the Bind It All!"

But honestly, I've learned how important friends are, and that I want to stay in touch with those friends that really matter!!

Blessings on your latest transitions in life!! Miss you!!