Saturday, December 12, 2009

Advent, Day 14: Way. Truth. Life.

Today's reading: John 14:6-7

the Way
is marked by miracles--
bread, fish, wine, vision, life--
all for the sake of us
being fed, welcomed,

the Truth
is, people matter
more than money-changing
more than the law
more than the culture
(yes, even today)

the Life
he lived,
growing in his mother's womb
growing up in his daddy's workshop
growing up in his Father's House
instilled in him
the prayers of the people
the pilgrim songs
the promises of Yahweh:

the Way to redemption
the Truth of freedom
the Life everlasting

1 comment:

Joseph said...

I like all of the growing references in your comment. Jesus said within the scripture, "From now on you do know him (the Father) and have seen him." I think I forget too many times that I am not through growing myself. Growing and changing is not always so much fun either and I resist it enjoying comfort. But isn't growth a little more adventurous and exciting?