Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lent, Day 2: A Fine Line

Today's reading: Mark 1:9-13

there's a fine line
between calling
and corruption

how quickly one follows the other
how quickly we
(who don't know what we're up against)
slide from one
to the other

He knew

He saw the Spirit as a dove
He heard the voice of the Heavens
speak of Sonship, and of delight

and He was sent out to wander
(not randomly and willfully
as I so often do)
and He
knew who He would face there

tempted to feast, to impress, to rule,
His sense of Self was worth more
than the enemy's best offers

He instead walked with the beasts
(did they still kneel in his presence?)
and was cared for by the angels
(were they whispering still:
"fear not" and

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