Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lent, Day 5: Personal space.

Today's reading: Mark 1:35-39

How I can identify with Jesus here... if he ever wondered what motherhood was like, in this experience I think he got a good glimpse! Even as I write this, the one-year-old is in my lap, turning (not quite gently enough) the Bible pages, having dragged onto my writing table several musical instruments, Mr. Potato Head bodyparts, and a banana peel.

But if even Jesus needed personal space--truly needed it, required it for times of prayer and refreshment so he could go about his work--then surely it's okay for me.

God, help me to resist the urge to play the "mommy martyr" by insisting I can do it all without taking care of myself too. Give me the humility to realize that I need space, and time; give me inventiveness to create space for rejuvenation, and give me gentleness in asking for time to use it.


Anonymous said...

LOL, I loved your blog today. I can so relate. I have a few minutes of respite while she plays with her blocks. I have tried playing more music lately, but always seem to have some extra little hands trying to help me play.

Beth said...

Nikki, THANK YOU!!

Jean said...

Hello California Friend!
As I first read through that verse, I instantly thought of motherhood, and how well Jesus must understand all of the demands on a mom!! (Except with Jesus, the kids never seemed to grow up!! At least we have hope! LOL!)

Good for you for keeping up with another devotional. Looking forward to your next 35 reflections!!


Jean said...