Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lent, Day 43: Body.

Today's reading: Mark 14

"Take it; this is my body." (v. 22)

the smell
of perfume permeates the house
(causing some to mutter
"how dare she!" and maybe even
"how dare he!")--
the scent of sorrow
lingers after the oil
has dried

the taste
of bread--unleavened,
to remind them of God's faithfulness
(even now);
the taste of wine--
the cup of life,
poured out and poured out
and poured out, and
even now

the sight
of an onlooker
running naked
(the sight of shame?
of humility?
of vulnerability?
the sight of

the touch
of a kiss.
of a sword.
of a warming fire.
of spit.
of fists.

the sound
of a rooster's waking crow.
the sound
of weeping
in the breaking dawn.

this is my body. take it.

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