Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lent, Day 29: Being in.

Today's reading: Mark 8:31-28

"Being in means you've got to do something, not just say you're in." (Dead Poets' Society)

give me the courage to
Be In:
to listen to your painful honesty
without complaint,
to have foremost in my mind
those things that are of
to follow you by
turning aside from my own
desires my own
wishes my own
knowledge my own
dreams (and by tuning them
to align with your desires
for me).
Give me strength to
Be In
when all those things I count as life
are lost to me,
when I must let the whole world slip away
to instead let you
save my soul.
Give me faith to
Be In
and not to be ashamed,
so that you may not be ashamed
of me.

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